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Chem Color International is the Sole Agent of Tianjin Guli International Trading Co., Ltd. He is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, adjacent to Tianjin Xingangport, special location made Guli has a convenient transportation and enjoys the national preferential policies.

After years' of hard work, Guli has become an integrated enterprise including manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. Our main productsof Principal is Sodium SUlphide Red Flakes , Sodium Sulphide Yellow Flakes


Formic acid is a colourless, fuming liquid with a pungent odour; it irritates the mucous membranes and blisters the skin. It freezes at 8.4 °C (47.1 °F) and boils at 100.7 °C (213.3 °F).

Formic acid is widely used in diversified industries all over the world. In medical industry it is used in making Amidopyrin, Vitamin B and many other medicines. In chemical industry, Formic Acid is used in the production of methanamide, diethyl formamide, rubber age resister, dying and so on. It is also an important material for pesticide, such as Triazone. Besides, formic acid is also commonly used in silage.

1.Product Profile:
CAS Number
Methyl Formate Process

0.0005% MAX
Sulphate (SO4)
Iron ( Fe )
Evaporation residue
0.004 %MAX
76%、85%, 90%, 94% , and 99%
25KG, 35KG ,250KG , IBC (1200KG), ISO Tanks and Bulk Ship


Textile & Leather Processing

Formic Acid is used in textile processing to control the pH of waste-water (neutralization of the pH and the excess NaOH from manufacturing process).

Formic acid is used in several steps of leather processing. Methods for processing leather involve steps of preparing skins for tanning, optionally dyeing the leather and finishing if required.

Latex Coagulation

One of the traditional uses of formic acid is the coagulation of natural rubber, which is produced primarily in south-east Asia. Latex milk is tapped from rubber trees and is mixed with formic acid to produce the coagulated rubber that is further processed into tires and numerous other rubber products.

Cleaning & Biocide
  • Households: descaling, and cleaning of bathroom surfaces
  • Industrial cleaning: cleaning and descaling of equipment and tanks (e.g., in breweries), corrosion removal
  • Others: wine casks, dairies
In bathroom cleaners, for example, formic acid combines the properties of an efficient descaling agent with those of a biodegradable biocide

FEED and Silage
  • Feed & drinking water: In animal feed additives, formic acid is used as a growth promoter; it acts positively on the gut flora of animals (poultry, swine, and cattle), improves feed efficiency and average daily weight gain, and reduces pathogen-caused diseases in the intestines
  • Preservation & acidification of feed mixes: Formic acid has antibacterial effects, which are used to preserve and acidify feeds. Organic acids, including formic are often blended in mixtures for use as alternatives to antibiotics
  • Grass silage: Prevention of bacteria and mold (lower activity than propionic acid) growth avoids spoilage in open storage structures
  • Fish Silage: Formic Acid helps helps to speed up of break down of fish proteins while preventing bacterial spoilage
Other applications & Industries (examples)
  • Agricultural Biocides
  • Flue Gas desulfurization
  • Pretreatment for the conversion of sugarcane bagasse to bioethanol
  • Wood adhesive
  • Paper Industry
  • Steep Pickling
  • Paint Remover
  • Process Chemical (e.g. adjustment of pH)
  • Epoxidation of soybean oils: Plasticizers
  • Fuell Cell



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